The Trend that can never be Irrelevant.

For years we have seen a certain fashion trend come in and fade away. People’s vision towards things differs from what it was earlier to what it is today.

Paramparik Karigar craftsmen work in materials as diverse as clay, wood, metal, and cloth?using skills and techniques passed down through generations. Our aim is to sculpt a significant place for Indian craft.

And the trend that we have been following since 1996 is to move upwards. A trend that can never be irrelevant.

Watch this beautiful video of Paramparik Karigar Exhibition’16

To the recent August’ 17 Exhibition.

You can also see a glimpse of our Exhibition-2017 Mumbai Exhibition at its best

Or different types of Workshops that were held in August’16-Workshops

Five talented young designers have been paired with Five Master Craftsmen of Paramparik Karigar for the opening show of Lakme Fashion Week called #CraftIsCool.
The result was a great fusion of Heritage crafts presented in a stylish contemporary mode.



This is how the trend of moving upwards has never been irrelevant.

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