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What an eventful and surprising year 2020 has turned out to be! We have had to change the way we do many things- the way we negotiate public spaces, the way we conduct relationships, the way we do business , why, even the way we buy groceries!

Things at Paramparik Karigar have been no different. We have been forced to take a new look at many things too. Like our weekly meetings that are now on Zoom. It has been wonderful inviting people you know and work closely into our homes.

But these changed circumstances have also made us rethink the way we work with our Karigars. For , now our karigars face an unique problem- a lot of those beautiful handcrafted or handwoven products in stock and no access to the markets. So we wore our thinking caps and we Luddites have decided , a maiden effort for us, to provide an online platform for you , our dear supportive patron, and our talented and dedicated Karigars , to meet where they will showcase and sell their work.

Our special Karigar Sahayog Sale will be going up in a few days on our facebook page and our Insatagram. We will be featuring one artisan a day and you can interact with them directly as always, as in any Paramparik Karigar event, only this time virtually. Exciting times for all of us, don?t you think – for you our Patron, for our Karigar and for us too!

We will share specific details of the event here soon. Looking forward to seeing you all through our handles . We are counting on your continued support of our Karigars.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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