Paramparik Karigar Travels to Surajkund

We at PK often go on craft sourcing trips as one of our goals is to revive and nurture disappearing crafts. These are usually week-long trips that take our teams into interior parts of the country. This tone PK decided to take a mini-trip to the Surajkund mela, for long the Mecca for all crafts.

When we landed in Delhi, the city was hanging on to the last fingers of Winter. That for us Mumbaikars, was the perfect weather. The mornings and nights were pleasantly chilly and the days warm without being hot.

We stopped to smell the flowers! Delhi-in-an-it’s-almost-spring-bloom








The mela ?boasted of more than a 1000 stalls but was quite a disappointment, with more commercial establishments getting exposure there than genuine karigars.That is not to say that there were no good or genuine karigars, On the contrary, we even spotted two of our own!












There were others too, many of the award winners- miniature artists, wood carvers, mat weaving, Tarakshi work, enamel work, and of course weavers too. Do not be surprised if some of them become part of the PK family.

Some Scenes from the Mela

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