Know your Handicrafts- Weaves from Kanchipuram




Textiles from KANCHIPURAM, Tamil Nadu.

Kanchipuram specializes in heavy silk saris woven with tightly twisted three-ply, high-denier threads, using thick jari threads for supplementary warp and weft patterning. Interlocked weft borders are common. Along with silk saris, Kanchipuram also is well-reputed for its cotton saris. Traditional motifs such as, mango, elephant, peacock, diamond, lotus, pot, creeper, flower, parrot, hen, and depiction of stories from mythology are very common in Kanchipuram saris.

Cotton saris are ornamented with threads and some silk saris are also woven with thread instead of pure jari. The south Indian saris are a class by themselves both in silk and also in delicate cottons. The silk ones are heavy with broad borders and elaborate pallavs usually in contrasting colours. The colours are typical dark Indian shades. Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is amongst the best known for its exquisite silk and cotton saris.

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