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Paramparik Karigar an association of craftsmen was founded in 1996 with the assistance of Roshan Kalapesi. The idea was rooted by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay when she was approached by a group of master craftsmen who wanted to form an organisation of their own.

In the new era of technology, industrialisation and modernisation we have overlooked our rich heritage and tradition of art and craft, our nation's pride and assets.

The principle aim of Paramparik Karigar is to preserve and promote traditional art and craft of India . To ensure that craftsmen continue to create their craft, earn a sustainable income and encourage their children to continue the tradition by passing it on to them and ensure their skills stay relevant and alive.

Craft Name : Bronze Sculpture
Craftsperson : M V Lakshman
State : Karnataka

Craft Name : Wooden Sculpture
Craftsperson : Sudarshan Sahoo
State : Orissa

Craft Name : Gadwakaam
Craftsperson : Suresh Waghmare
State : Chhattisgarh

Craft Name : Kalamkari
Craftsperson : Guruppa Chetty
State : Andhra Pradesh

Craft Name : Leather Embroidery
Craftsperson : Nijar Devji Poonja
State :Gujarat

Craft Name : Leather Puppets
Craftsperson : S Sriramallu
State :Andhra Pradesh

Craft Name : Mata Ni Pachedi
Craftsperson : Sanjay Chitara
State :Gujarat

Craft Name : Minakari
Craftsperson : Sankit Deepak
State :Rajasthan

Craft Name : Miniature Painting
Craftsperson : Shakir Ali
State :Rajasthan

Craft Name : Mithila Art
Craftsperson : Satyanarayan & Moti Karna
State :Bihar

Craft Name : Pattachitra
Craftsperson : Dilip Maharana
State :Orissa

Craft Name : Phad Painting
Craftsperson : Kalyan Joshi
State :Rajasthan

Craft Name : Terracotta Hand Painted Pottery
Craftsperson : Kumbhar Mohd Hussain Yakub
State :Gujarat

Craft Name : Warli
Craftsperson : Ramesh Hengadi
State :Maharashtra

Craft Name : Pattachitra
Craftsperson : Rabindranath Sahu
State :Orissa

Craft Name : Bagru and Daboo
Craftsperson : Chippa Sitaram and Rambabu
State :Rajasthan

Craft Name : Cotton and Kanchi Kota
Craftsperson : Veeraraghavan Kanchi
State :Tamilnadu

Craft Name : Handblock printing
Craftsperson : Chippa Bherulal
State : Rajasthan

Craft Name : Ikkat
Craftsperson : Meher Surendra
State : Orissa

Craft Name : Kantha
Craftsperson : Khatun Alima
State : West Bengal

Craft Name : Kantha
Craftsperson : Takdira and sakina Begam
State : West Bengal

Craft Name : Kashmiri and woollen shawls
Craftsperson : Zahid Ali
State : Kashmir

Craft Name : Lehariya
Craftsperson : Ahmed Badshah Miyah
State : Rajasthan

Craft Name : Natural Dyes Kumo Pleating
Craftsperson : Aranya
State : Kerala

Craft Name : Pipli Art
Craftsperson : Bharat Bhushan Parida
State : Orissa

Craft Name : Rajkot Patola
Craftsperson : Ramesh Makwana
State :Gujarat

Craft Name : Tribal Weave
Craftsperson : Mohonto Kapileshwar
State : Orissa

Craft Name : Wool and Tussore Shawls
Craftsperson : Vankar Devji Bhimji
State :Gujarat

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