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Our Founders


Roshan Kalapesi

Roshan Kalapesi was very involved with the theatre world and toured Europe and America for many years. She returned to India in 1965 and in the same year Khadi and Village Industries (KVIC) approached Roshan to create garments from leather which were shown to a large delegation from Germany. It was at this exhibition that Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay first met Roshan Kalapesi. Kamaladevi was so impressed by her that she requested Roshan to become the President of the Crafts Council of India.

Fortunately Roshan was at the time compiling a collection of Indian costumes for Air India and had the opportunity to travel all over the country and meet the craftsmen in their own environment. This experience was invaluable for her, as was the association with a 'master' teacher in Kamaladevi. Henceforth Roshan was totally involved with craft and craftsmen and in 1996-97 Paramparik Karigar came into being.

The office of Paramparik Karigar was a hub of activities and meetings. Craftsmen from all over the country would drop in for an informal chat, or some personal or professional advice and Roshan welcomed them all. She was 'Roshan Amma' to all of them and she had a personal rapport with each one of them- a kind word, a bit of gentle advice or suggestion about their work and sometimes even financial help. She was the guiding spirit behind Paramparik Karigar but at the same time she built up a strong team to carry on her work, to fulfill her vision.


Founder Members

  • J. Gurappa Chetty ( Kalamkari)
  • B. R. Pandit ( Pottery)
  • Satyanarayan Lal Karn ( Mithila)
  • Jaidev Baghel ( Gadwakam)
  • Laxmanan ( Bronze)
  • Pandu Kangokar ( Leather)
  • Ajit Vaidya ( Ceramics & Pottery )

Our Committee Members

Managing Committee Members
  • Moh. Yusuf Khatri
  • Kapilo Mohanto
  • Vijay Soni
  • Suraj Maharana
  • Maya Kerkar
  • Vaishali Goel
  • Aparna Juneja
Office Bearers
Office Bearers
  • President: Lal Chand Chhipa
  • Vice President: Devji Vankar
  • Secretary: Prakash Joshi
  • Treasurer: Abhaya Pandit
  • Associate Hon. Secretary : Preya Patel
  • Associate Hon. Treasurer : Meenal Sarviya
  • Associate Hon. Assistant Secretary: Shehnaz Dohadwala