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Vishwakarma Sonadhar


Shiv Sonadhar(Son)

image Art Form:
Metal Casting (Lohakam)

image Home Address:
Bhelwapadar Para, Kondagaon, Dist - Chhatisgarh - 494226

image Note:

Lohakam is executed by artisans who come from villages in Orissa and Bihar.

Lohakam or iron-craft was initially used by the blacksmith to make agricultural implements and other items of utility until it became another expressive form of art.

It is a traditional art used to make objects like lamps, trays and animal figures.

Iron is creatively used by the beating and hammering method to form elegant shapes.

In early times and even now in remote villages iron-ore is generally collected from the mountains and liquefied in the oven or 'bhatti' over a coal fire to obtain pure iron.

Today it is easier to buy iron from the market which is already made into sheets and rods. The method involves tempering of specially shaped pieces of 'Loha' or iron with a hammer and tong, after the pieces have been softened over a dish of burning coal.

Beauty of the product is dependent on the grace of the curvature executed by the skilled artisans and each decorative element is individually hammered into the desired shape. A final polish and an oil coat makes the object attractive.