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Ramzan Lohar

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Copper Bells

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Nurani Chowk, Mustafa Nagar, Bhuj, Kutch - 370001, Gujarat

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The craft of metal bells originated with cattle rearing, or Ghantadi known locally in KUTCH GUJARAT.

The craft is believed to be over a thousand years old, and originated in Sindh, (currently in Pakistan). These bells were used to identify cattle. They were tied around the cattles neck so the owner would know of their whereabouts.

The makers of these bells are from the Lohar caste in Kutch. This ancient craft has been passed on from generations to generations.

There are thirteen sizes of bells and they are customized for different animals. A goat would have a small bell with a high pitched sound, whereas a cow would have a larger one with a deeper note. Even in the same size, the bells are customized with different sounds, or notes, to differentiate between cattle belonging to different owners. In each size, upto five or six different notes can be made.

The bell is made of iron and coated with copper, along with other metals. They are made from scrap iron sheets which are repeatedly beaten and joined together and to give the required shape. The metal parts are neatly combined in a locking system without any kind of welding.