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Lokesh Soni

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7/120, Gurjarpura, Helawali Galli, Nathdwara - 313301, Rajasthan

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The fusion of a special powdered glass to metal is the art of Enameling carried out by skilled workers of Rajasthan. They are called 'Meenakars' and the work is known as 'Meenakari'.

There are two types of 'Meena' work, Meenakari with Kundan Jadau and Meenakari without Kundan Jadau.

Meenakari Jewellery involves a highly complicated and systematic process, wherein the 'Meenakar' draws a design and engraves it. This is then gives it to the 'Gharia', who makes the initial skeleton of the jewellery piece called 'Ghat'. This Ghat is given back to the Meenakar who enamels the same through a complicated process wherein he hollows a recess on the surface of a piece of gold or silver and fires in a mineral like cobalt oxide (for the colour blue) into this depression. In this manner enamel is applied on the engraved piece, which is then heated. The Meenakar has to heat the piece several times for different colours as each time he can put only one colour. This technique allows him to leave a thin gold or silver line to separate each segment of colour. The enamel is either opaque, transparent or translucent.

Rajasthani Meenakari is renowned for its intricate designs, its use of colours and dramatic motifs of birds, flowers and leaves. Enamel work is done on both silver and gold ornaments and has flourished under the Royal patronage of Kings.

Meenakari gold is primarily done in Jaipur. Silver Meenakari is majorly done in Udaipur, Bikaner and Nathdwara whereas glass enameling is done in Pratapgarh.