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Khatri Ahmed Latif(Pracheen)


Sarfaraz Khatri(Son)

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Natural Dyeing And Printing

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51/57, Top Floor, Dontad Street, Damar Galli, Mumbai - 400 009

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Natural dyeing and printing has been a family business for generations for many people in the district of Kutch The fine art of vegetable printing and dyeing dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization.

The raw materials for these colours are not chemicals but the roots and flowers of plants and vegetables. The dyes extracted from these natural resources were then fixed to natural fibres such as cotton, silk, wool. Though time consuming and laborious this process gives the best results.

Dyes include Nilla (Indigo), Haldi, Pomegranate. Henna, Mango Pulp and Kasmi. Vegetable dyeing was first used only for cotton fabrics. After years of research and experimentation new processes of printing on silk fabrics with natural vegetable dyes in variety of attractive colours is also popular. The printers combine the traditional design seen in Ajrakh with other familiar Indian motifs and patterns. Their skill is to use deep colours that give an antique finish to the fabric. Much effort has been taken for the survival of this craft and to make it commercially popular by highlighting its eco-friendly qualities. Natural dyes are not an innovation but a revival of a rich and prudent tradition.