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Goverdhana Gajam

image Shop Address:
Murali Saree Emporiam, 17-32, Sri Nagar Colony, Road No. 4, Adjacent Shubhodaya High School, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500060

image Home Address:
Post & Village Puttapaka, Mandal-Narayanpur, Dist-Nalgonda(TS)

image Note:

The word Ikat or Ikkat means 'to bind'. It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resisting dyeing the thread before the fabric is woven.

Ikat weaving in Andhra Pradesh is done in Chirala and Pochampally. Chirala is known to have created the Telia Rumal, which has a significance in Indian history. Telia Rumal as the name suggests, is a square, double ikkat cloth dyed in alizarin with an oily smell. It was mainly used as lungis or as turbans. Ikat weaving known as 'chitka' is popular in Pochampally, Andhra Pradesh. The weavers of Pochampally produce Ikat textiles like dhotis, saris, dupattas and yardage. It is locally believed that this technique was brought from Chirala one or two generations ago perhaps as early as 1915. The tradition of Ikat fabric in Andhra Pradesh involves the simple use of mostly three colours, geometrical and figurative designs. Andhra Pradesh is among the leading centers and the weavers have prospered, flooding the handloom market with the manufacture of fashionably coloured and patterned single as well as double ikkat saris, furnishings in both cotton and silk.

Since 1960 Ikat weavers have also been influenced by Gujarat patola designs.