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Ganga Yamuna Bunkar Sahakari Samiti Ltd.

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Ganga Yamuna Bunkar Sahakari Samiti Ltd., Near Santoshi Mata Mandir, Champa - 495671, Dist - Jehangir Champa

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The district of Bhagalpur is well known for the manufacture of tussore silk.

The regions economy is largely dependant upon Tussore silk weaving and cloth trade. The Tribals rear tussore silk worms making Bhagalpur the centre for tussore weaving. Tussar silk weaving industry in Bhagalpur has about 30,000 weavers working on more than 25,000 handlooms.

This industry is more than a century old. These silkworms live in the wild trees. The silkworms spin a single-shelled, oval cocoon, which is generally yellow or grey and is hard and compact. The shells of the cocoon are fine-grained and non-flossy. The cocoons are boiled to make it soft and the yarn is then reeled out. Tussar silk is a lot more textured than cultivated silk but it has shorter fibres, which makes it less durable. Tussore silk fabric is valued for its purity and texture. The fabric has natural shades of gold. It is also compatible with natural dyes. Traditional sari weaving and yardage fabrics are produced by the weavers of Bhagalpur.