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Durgabai Subhashsingh Vyam

image Art Form:
Gond Painting

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House No. JL 846, Opp. Community Hall, Behind Old Thana Kotra, Sultanabad, Bhopal - 462003, Madhya Pradesh

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Geographically, the Gond territory extended from the Godavari in the south to the Vindhyas in the north. This art form is popular among most tribes in Madhya Pradesh and it is particularly well developed as an art among the Gond tribe of Mandala District. Gond wall decorations are made with a thick stick dipped in mud or clay mixed with chaff and water. When a house is under construction, the mud wall is kept damp for patterns to be imposed on it, which is then covered with cow dung or lime. The area may be sub-divided into panels by broad bands enhanced with geometric motifs. Within the panels, a design is carved with geometric patterns, animals, human figures and flowers patterns which are formed of interesting circles. Spirals and circles are also enhanced with alternate triangles.

In all these paintings there is a basic simplicity. They appear without anatomical details, and move in silhouettes. A simple impression of a pair of wings turns gradually into a geometric figure. A fish is symbolized by bones, a tortoise by its flippers. The former stands for fertility, while the latter for stability. Designs in white or red wash on the floor ensure security of the house. Blue, Yellow, Black are used in contemporary as well as traditional art.

Local deities, cock fights, forest scenes, agriculture, weddings and other visuals find a significant place in Gond tribal art.