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Dev Kishor Meher

image Art Form:
Ikkat Weaving

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At/Po-Barpali, Dist-Bargarh, Orissa-768029

image Award: State Award - 2008, State Bunkar Award - 2012-13

image Note:

The word Ikat or Ikkat means 'to bind'. It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist dyeing. The thread is dyed before the fabric is woven.

Orissa weavers produce complex floral designs and figurative patterns influenced greatly by the temple architectures abounding in the region.

Ikat weaving in Orissa is practiced in Sambalpur, Sonepur and Bargarh. Ikat weavers of Orissa are basically members of the Meher caste who reside in the Barpali region of Bargarh district of Orissa.

Ikat has undergone many changes with time. Although innovation has brought evolution in this art form, Orissa still upholds the purity of its traditional flair. The traditional ikat design is an integration of conventional motifs like 'Shankha' (Conch Shells) 'Chakra' (Wheel) 'Phula' (Flowers) 'Mina' (Fish) as well as other wild life like elephants, deers and peacocks. The Ikats in Orissa are dyed using colours from plants, flowers, leaves and bark of trees. However, today commercial colours are used to meet the ever increasing demand. Along with the sari, footwear, handbags and fabrics for dress as well as upholstery are also manufactured.