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Chippa Bherulal


Vikas Chippa(Son)

image Art Form:
Hand Block Printing/Bagru Printing

image Shop Address:
Bargad Hand Print Akola, Disrict - Chittorgarh, Rajasthan - 312205

image Home Address:
Akola, Disrict - Chittorgar, Rajasthan - 312205

image Note:

Bagru is an important centre for hand block printing.The art of traditional hand block printing is practiced by the Chippa community. It is not only practiced in Bagru but also in Akola near Jodhpur and Bagh in Madhya Pradesh. The unique method for printing uses a wooden block upon which the design is engraved. This carved block is used for replicating the design in a preferred colour on the fabric. 'Chippa

Mohalla' (printer's quarter) is the area for textile printing. The three-centuries-old tradition of block printing is kept alive with the efforts of Bagru artisans. Keeping the convention, these artisans smear the cloth with earth got from the riverside and then dip it in turmeric water to get the habitual cream colour background. After that, they stamp the cloth with beautiful designs using natural dyes of earthy shades. The motifs printed are large with bold lines, inspired by wild flowers, buds, leaves and geometric patterns. As a matter of fact, Bagru prints are more famous for their exceptional quality of being eco-friendly. Even today, artisans use traditional vegetable dyes for printing the cloth. Like, the colour blue is made from indigo, greens out of indigo mixed with pomegranate, red from madder root and yellow from turmeric. Usually Bagru prints have ethnic floral patterns in natural colours. Bagru prints form the essential part of the block printing industry of Rajasthan. The village produces beautiful and unique bedspreads as well as other useful items.