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Asgar Ali

image Art Form:
Kota Doria Sarees

image Home Address:
Near Police Chowki, Ward No 14, Mohalla Kot, Kaithun, Kota-325001, Rajasthan

image Note:

Kota doria or Kota Sarees are made of pure cotton and silk and have square like patterns known as khats on them. The chequered weave of a Kota sari is very popular. Originally, such sarees were called Masuria because they were woven in Mysore. The weavers were brought to Kota in the late 17th and early 18th century and the sarees came to be known as Kota- Masuria.

Kota Doria is woven on a traditional pit loom in such a fashion that it produces square checks pattern on the fabric. They smear onion juice and rice paste with a lot of care into making the yarn so strong that no additional finishing is needed. The weaving is done using pure cotton threads, but the style is so varying that it makes the final cloth translucent and gives it a cross pattern. They are very fine weaves and weigh very less. This is the most open weave fabric woven in India.

The weave is result of sufficient spacing between super fine warp and weft threads with slightly thick threads at regular counts to produce a very subtle check pattern. Also, the thicker threads make the cloth strong and more durable. The thin fibers maintain its softness, delicacy and give it translucency and gossamer appeal.