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Jyotish Debnath Rajib Debnath (Son)

image Art Form:
Muslin Jamdani

image Home Address:
Village-Baruipara, PO-Kaklna, Dist-Burdwan-713409

image Note:
"The Muslin of Dacca is famous for its fog-like feeling across the world. The decorated Muslins are called 'Jamdani'. After partition in 1947, a large number of Hindu weavers migrated from Dacca and Tangail to India giving rise to different types of Jamdani Saris. The tradition is over 2000 years old and includes exquisite patterns. Apart from saris, scarves, stoles and handkerchiefs are also made. The most appropriate time for making yarns is early morning as the air then carries the most moisture. The yarn is dyed and starched before making the Jamdani designs, and the weavers sit beside each other at a loom during the weaving process. The Dhakai Jamdani Saris are distinguished from other varieties by its fine texture resembling ornate workmanship. These Saris are woven painstakingly on the old fashioned jala loom and may take even upto one year to weave. The Tangail Jamdani saris have Jamdani motifs on Tangail fabric. They use two or three colours to give it meenakari effect."