Rajkot Patola

Craftsmen : Makwana Ramesh Mohanbhai
The patola saree is one of the finest hand-woven sarees produced today. These sarees are created by using the resist dying technique. There are two types of Patola sarees:
Rajkot Patola: This is only vertically resist dyed (single ikat).
Patan Patola: This is horizontally-resist dyed (double ikat).
Patola sarees are known for their flaming bright colors and geometric designs interwoven with folk motifs. Every patola saree is one of its kind as it is created entirely with the imagination and skill of the weaver.
Each saree consists of a series of warp threads and a single weft thread, which binds the warp threads together. Each one of the warp threads is tied and dyed according to the pattern of the saree. The result is that both sides of the saree look exactly alike as if it is woven on both sides with the same design, and can be worn either way. Flowers, animals, birds and human figures form the the basic design.