Korai Mat

Craftsmen : A.S. PEER MOHAMED
These natural, eco friendly and exotic mats of Korai grass are made by rural Craftsmen and weavers across Tamil Nadu.
Korai is a Natural Product - a sort of thick grass, grown locally for the purpose of weaving Mats.
Korai mats may be broadly divided into three categories. Coarse mats are rough in texture, relatively quick to weave and may be made using either a handloom or powerloom. Higher quality handloom mats are finer in texture. The highest quality have a texture akin to silk.
The Korai Mats have cotton warps and Korai wefts. To make such mats the Korai is soaked in running water for up to a week until it begins to rot, the central pith is then scraped off and each stem split into fine strands, dried and dyed. The finer the mat desired, the longer the Korai needs to be soaked and the thinner the weft strands would be. The number of warp threads also increases with finer mats.
Before weaving, the Korai Grass strands are colored by soaking in the solution prepared by Sappan Wood or East Indian red wood botanically known as Caesalpinia Sappan.