Craftsmen : Ahmed Badshah Miyah
Lehariya or the ripple effect refers to the wavy pattern of a fabric processed in the tie dye technique. These are harmoniously arranged diagonal stripes, which were originally, dyed in the auspicious colors of yellow and red.
Dyeing is accomplished by the tie-resist method in Lehariya where the patterns are made up of innumerable waves respectively. The material is rolled diagonally and certain portions resisted by lightly binding threads at a short distance from one another before the cloth is dyed. If the distance is shorter, then greater skill is required in preventing one colour from spilling into the other. The process of dyeing is repeated until the requisite number of colour is obtained. For a checkered pattern the fabric is opened and diagonally rolled again from the opposite corners, the rest of the process remaining the same.
Rajasthan is well known for its beautiful Lehariya work.