Screen Printing

Craftsmen : Chaudhry Abdul KaderChaudhry Nasir
Screen printing is the most recently developed of fabric decorating techniques.
In stencil printing the design is cut in sheets of cardboard, paper, plastic, thin metal or wood and the dye is applied to the fabric through the cut-out areas. Screen printing works on the same principle, but the screen holds all the parts of the stencil together, and the printing media is pulled across all the openings with one stroke, forcing colour onto the fabric using a long rubber blade called squeegee. As many number of screens are required as the number of colours employed to form the final design. Thus each screen provides a part of the design and when these are aligned properly a perfect overall design is produced. After impression with one colour is made, the second colour is applied only after the first is dried. It is much less laborious, because the size of the design or the number of repeats may be much larger than is possible with other methods, and once the design is on the screen it can be saved and reused indefinitely. Sharper and more intricate design can be reproduced than with other techniques.