Papier Mache

Craftsmen : Kumar Kamini Kaushal Kumar
Papier-Mache has always been associated with Kashmir. In Mughal times its silken surface was found to be an ideal ground for miniature painting, as well as preparing important state documents.
In Madhubani, Bihar, Papier-mache articles have been made for many generations and has been handed down from mother to daughter. Papier-mache toys and dolls are modelled on folk tradition which has continued to find vibrant expression in their work. This craft is light, cheap, durable and adaptable for making decorative bowls, vases, pots, jars, frames, masks, exotic beads, earrings, bangles and trinkets, containers and boxes for storing grains, fruits, dry fruits and also for making jewellery and bangle boxes.
In Madhubani, Papier-Mache, the ancient eco-friendly craft is made by mixing paper pulp with Multani Mitti, Dardmeda powder obtained from the local Dardmeda plant, the juice of neem leaves and methi and smoothened and the object is given shape and dried. More pulp is added to give the right shape and in a moist state, the object is polished and dried. When completely dry, the object is coloured in vibrant hues using minerals, roots and flowers or poster colours.