Enameling is the fusion of a special powdered glass to metals. This is done using different techniques, but all methods use heat to melt the powder. The enamel workers of Rajasthan are called Meenakar, and the work is known as Meenakari. There are two types of Meena work: Meena with kundan Jadau and Meena without Kundan Jadau. Kundan jewelry is a combination of gems and Meenakari on either side of an ornament with vibrant colors.
Making of Meenakari Jewelery involves a highly complicated and systematic process. Initially designer makes design, if approved; it goes to Gharia who makes initial skeleton of the piece called Ghat. This Ghat is shifted to Meenakar for further process who enamels the same through a complicated process. He draws a design at first and then engraves it. He puts enamel on the engraved piece. The piece is enameled by heating the same. The Meenakar has to heat the piece several times for different colors. Each time he can put only one color.
A specialty of Rajasthan, Meenakari is famed for its delicacy and its use of colors. Enamel work is done on both silver and gold ornaments and has flourished under the Royal patronage of kings.