Gond Tribal Painting

Craftsmen : Ramesh Teekam Shyam Venkat Raman Singh
Tribal painting, though popular among most tribes in Madhya Pradesh, is particularly well developed as an art among the Gond tribe of Mandala District. Gond artist express their faith and beliefs, world view, their visual expression and sense of identity, both as a collective and as individuals. Gond paintings are based basically on line work. The artists draw with utmost care the inner and outer lines that are so striking in their precision and perfection. The imaginative use of the line imparts a sense of movement of still images. These paintings are found in the inner and outer walls of the houses, windows and niches. The colours are mainly black and white, red, blue and yellow. The paintings are based on the oral narratives of the Gonds. The motifs are further associated with the rich repertoire of the community and strongly show the interactions with the cosmic, natural and social worlds of humans at multiple levels and contexts. Local deities, cock fights, forest scenes, agriculture, weddings and other rituals find a place in these paintings. Gond artists paint their lives vividly, drawing from their heritage which gives them a rich canvas.