Savitha Suri, a patron of all things Indian and handmade and supporter of Paramaparik Karigar, beautifully captures , in the video below ,a moment , in the life of a Dokra sculpture and the artisan Rajib Maity.

She writes. “We stared at the sculpture, counting only 9 heads and 10 arms.Is it or is it not Ravan? That was the question. The craftsman stood with an amused look and finally picked the piece and turned it round. And there it was! The 10th head! It was Ravan after all. Ravan was born with one head and the rest he acquired through penance. It is said he wanted to keep an eye on what went on behind him, hence one at the back.He was said to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Also exceptionally talented- musician, scholar, administrator par excellence.That morning, a craftsman narrated the story of a man who was all too familiar. That morning, a craftsman showed me a mirror.”

Thank you Savitha Suri for sharing so generously your video and your thoughts.

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