Our August exhibition- A Journey

Hello all! Paramparik Karigar is getting ready for its next exciting event. Yes, all our regulars- that’s right, our August Exhibition at World Trade Centre.


August. Mumbai. The city struck by unrelenting slivery spindles of rain. The last cup of chai you had was one cup too many. You fear that if you don’t step out of your home now, you will succumb and eat that bhajjia you have been resisting for the last many weeks . You worry  about other seemingly random things, watching the rain- Ganapathy and Navratra are not too far off.


Trust us- what you need is to step over to our exhibition. A vibrant collection of traditional handicrafts, arts and textiles- saris and yardage from corners of the country, dying and famous arts and familiar and rare handicrafts that you can acquaint yourself with, learn about, talking to the craftspeople directly and take the one that caught your fancy home; buy all the troublesome gifts plaguing your mind, knowing you are buying a piece of your heritage or a slice of our collective history. Or just drop by to browse in the colourful, brilliant hall and breathe in the buzzing creativity. What else can be in the air in room full of artists? Different genres rubbing shoulders- an art lovers dream


Yes the dates- Dates going up very soon on our face book page. Here


We are getting ready to host this show for you. And how.

Today, the office was thick with name- calling. What? Yes, we did call out names of participating craftsmen, artisans and weavers. Heated debates and long pleading monologues. Well, we make no bones about it- we love all our crafts. Sometimes when we get on our soapboxes, we need a crane to prise us off. Today was one of those days. The beginnings often are. Names conjured up images and anecdotes that were shared over hot sweetened tea, that were more like shots than cups. And homemade muttiyas. Well, we refuse to work on empty stomachs- food for the body and food for the soul.


We wrestled, negotiated and argued and a list emerged. Many old favourites and some new rabbits out of the hat too. Patience. The curtain will be opened slowly over the next few posts and all will be revealed.


Slowly the group disbanded… er.. the meeting ended. We part to meet again.

With another instalment on this journey to our exhibition, august 2017

Watch this space- the story unfolds here

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